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Donald Van de Mark: Available Presentations

A writer and former TV news correspondent and anchor, I share in my presentations the wisdom and insight that I’ve gained from a career interviewing hundreds of leaders in business and politics. As a public speaker, I have presented to varied organizations, including:

The Commonwealth Club of California
Federal Home Loan Bank Board of Topeka
Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Awards
Pacific Union International Real Estate
American Society of Training and Development
New York BusinessWeek 50 Forum

Topics for Memorable Keynotes Include:

Your Personal Payoff

Some people are not just successful, they’re extraordinary. Moreover, these people share many of the same personality traits. In this presentation you will learn to identify and cultivate three of the same traits: creativity, exuberance, and transcendence. Includes examples from the lives of best-selling author Julia Cameron, former GE CEO Jack Welch, polar explorer Ann Bancroft, and other leaders.

Interacting Effectively

Great leaders in every field share three key personality characteristics that help them interact effectively with others—they’re egalitarian, empathic, and dutiful. Discover how you can develop these traits and achieve more success in all facets of life. Includes examples and exclusive video clips.

Assessing the World Clearly and Efficiently

Learn to recognize and develop traits of the most admirable, creative, and joyous people. This riveting presentation, full of firsthand accounts of leaders from many fields, will show you how to perceive others and circumstances more clearly and make better choices. See how to become more experiential, realistic, and detached. And also find out how to value the process of your work as much as your performance.

Developing a True, Whole Self

Become a more admirable, creative, and joyous person. You’ll not only learn how to reach your goals, you’ll also discover how to “delight in the doing.” With video clips of exclusive interviews with leaders like holistic medicine pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil, advertising legend Shelly Lazarus, former U.S. Senator Bill Bradley, and more.

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Great Leaders Speech: Video

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