What Makes Some High Achievers Great Human Beings?

The Good Among the Great: 19 Traits of the Most Admirable, Creative and Joyous People, by Donald Van de Mark (Columbia Island Press, April 2011) – Now available for Kindle and Nook!

Confirming the theories of psychologist Abraham Maslow, author and former CNBC reporter and CNN anchor Donald Van de Mark brings to life 19 specific personality traits that you can develop within yourself to emulate the great and the good. He not only illustrates these traits with lively stories drawn from more than 25 years interviewing prominent leaders for CNN, CNBC, and other television news programs, he also shows how the traits are exhibited by people in all walks of life. Van de Mark’s examples span the famous (Meryl Streep, Charles Schwab,and Andrew Weil) to the great but not well known (Poosie Orr, mother and housewife; Rachel Walton, pediatric hospice nurse; and Andrew Ferguson, teacher). Practical, commonsense guidelines show readers the shortest route to personal and professional achievement and fulfillment.

In The Good Among the Great, you’ll discover how to
  • Achieve success in all facets of life
  • Think more creatively and make better choices
  • Experience the personal payoff of more: creativity, serenity and transcendent experiences
  • Not just reach your goals but “delight in the doing”

Table of Contents

Part 1: Developing a True, Whole Self

Chapter 1

  • Be Uniquely You
  • Trait: Autonomous

Chapter 2

  • Have Lasting Love
  • Trait: Loving

Chapter 3

  • Be True-Blue
  • Trait: Ethical

Chapter 4

  • Tune Out Trends and Traffickers
  • Trait: Unaffected

Chapter 5

  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Trait: Private

Chapter 6

  • Stand Back!
  • Trait: Detached

Part 2: Assessing the World Clearly and Efficiently

Chapter 7

  • Get Out the Door
  • Trait: Experiential

Chapter 8

  • Don’t Kid Yourself
  • Trait: Realistic

Chapter 9

  • Chill Out!
  • Trait: Laid Back

Chapter 10

  • Tap-dance to Work
  • Trait: Performance and Process-Oriented

Part 3: Caring and Interacting Effectively

Chapter 11

  • Respect All Souls
  • Trait: Egalitarian

Chapter 12

  • Laugh With Me
  • Trait: Jolly

Chapter 13

  • It’s Not About You
  • Trait: Empathic

Chapter 14

  • Be Proactive
  • Trait: Dutiful

Part 4: Finding Your Personal Payoff

Chapter 15

  • Delight in the Day-to-Day
  • Trait: Appreciative

Chapter 16

  • Go Out and Play
  • Trait: Creative

Chapter 17

  • Shout Out Loud!
  • Trait: Exuberant

Chapter 18

  • Dive Into What You Love
  • Trait: Joyous

Chapter 19

  • Take a Peak
  • Trait: Transcendent


  • Meryl Streep
  • Someone Who Embodies All 19 Traits